Survey Prize Winner

The Young People Making a Living in the Creative Industries project is happy to announce the winner of our iPad prize for completion of our online survey.  We numbered all respondents who indicated they would like to be entered into the draw, and chose a number through a random number generator.

The lucky winner is Emmanuel Laflamme! Emmanuel is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist who started his artistic practice five years ago.

Emmanuel’s creative drive was motivated by a dream to create his own cartoon series, but when he realized how difficult it could be to create, sell, and produce and original concept, he turned to painting and drawing (“because that’s what I could afford,” he says).

After getting the push he needed, he started exhibiting his work, and has since moved to sculpture, prints, mural, installations and performance.  He says his main thing is “reappropriation,” combining references from art history with popular culture to create humour-driven compositions. Check out his work here.

Emmanuel has also worked as a designer in TV cartoon animation for the last ten years. Currently, he designs characters and backgrounds for Au pays des Têtes à Claques, which airs on TéléToon and YouTube. The series is now being adapted for the Anglophone market under the name Knuckle Heads, and airs on Adult Swim and YouTube.

Congratulations, Emmanuel!

Stay tuned for some early results from the data analysis of the online survey!