2014. Out of the Basement shortlisted for the Donner Prize for the Best Public Policy Book by a Canadian

2014. Out of the Basement shortlisted for the Gertrude Robinson Book Prize for the Best Communication Studies Book in Canada

Praise for Out of the Basement

Out of the Basement represents a major contribution to research on cultural policy. There’s no other book in the field like this one. It valuably allows readers to understand the perspectives of young cultural producers. Its readership will include not only cultural policy analysts, in Canada and internationally, but also scholars of youth and of media production.” David Hesmondhalgh, Head of the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds
“Campbell’s book is essential for anyone and everyone interested in youth cultural productions. More importantly, every single policymaker, teacher, and parent should read this book. It serves as a mirror of the reality facing young people “stuck” in old-fashioned systems that are truly disabling their vocational lives, leading them to give-up or surrender to a neoliberal system that values “skills” over creative and innovative souls and minds.” Giuliana Cucinelli, Canadian Journal of Communication