October 2014. Guest Lecture. Generation Text: Cultural Production Amongst Youth. Possible Worlds: English Department Symposium. Vanier College (Montreal, Quebec).

October 2014. Guest Lecture. Why We Hate Hipsters and Why We Shouldn’t. Humanities and Public Life conference. Dawson College (Montreal, Quebec).

September 2014. Moderator and Organizer. Can Anyone Be a Rock Star?: The Gendered Landscape of Music Scenes and Rock Camp for Girls Montreal. Panel Discussion and Workshop. Pop Montreal Symposium (Montreal, Quebec).

April 2014. Panel Discussion. Producteurs culturels et artistes indépendants du Mile End, quelle cohabitation? Mémoire Mile End (Montreal, Quebec).

March 2014. Guest Lecture. Can a Creative Community Flourish in Silence? Sociology and Anthropology Student Union of Concordia Ethnomusicology conference (Montreal, Quebec).

March 2014. Guest Lecture and Panel Discussion. Crowdfunding: The New Normal? Crowdfunding and the Arts conference. ELAN Quebec (Montreal, Quebec).

December 2013.  Keynote Address. Creative Entrepreneurship and the Cultural Industry. Youth Subcultures: Download the Drivers conference at University Centre Saint Ignatius (University of Antwerp, Belgium).

November 2013. Panel Discussion. Making Knowledge Public: Engaged Scholarship and the University Press in Canada. University Press Week. MQUP and the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (Montreal, Quebec).

September 2013. Panel Discussion. Sink or Swim: DIY Until I Die. Pop Montreal Symposium (Montreal, Quebec).

September 2010. Panel Discussion. State of the Artist. Pop Montreal Symposium (Montreal, Quebec).

October 2009.  Moderator. Ecology of a Scene: Indie Culture from Stockholm to San Paulo. Pop Montreal Symposium (Montreal, Quebec).