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Dr. Miranda Campbell

Miranda Campbell is an Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Industries at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Her book, Out of the Basement: Youth Cultural Production in Practice and in Policy, was shortlisted for the 2014 Donner Prize and the 2014 Gertrude Robinson Book Prize. Her current research areas include:

  • Youth culture
  • Creative economies
  • Labour conditions
  • Cultural and educational policies
  • Emerging economic and creative directions
  • Small-scale and self-generated modes of creative work
  • Collaboration and not-for-profit work in the creative industries

Dr. Campbell is a former professor of English at Dawson College in Montreal, and a former coordinator and Board of Directors member of Rock Camp for Girls Montreal.

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Anna Frey

Anna Frey is an activist, volunteer, and scholar currently living in Toronto, Ontario. An alumnus of Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, she graduated with a degree in Communications and Cultural Studies and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality. Shortly after convocation Anna packed up and moved down the 401 in search of bigger-city life. She’s now in pursuit of a Master’s degree from Ryerson and York universities through their joint program in Communications and Culture. Her research interest in the political potential for feminist (anti-)rape jokes has grown from her activism in rape crisis support work and consent-education workshop facilitation. Outside of school Anna enjoys talking with her peers about safer sex at Planned Parenthood Toronto, knitting scarves for her friends, and raising a moody guinea pig.


Lucy Wowk

Lucy Wowk is the web design research assistant for this project. As a self-taught graphic designer/creative person living in Toronto, she aspires to create work that is timeless and eye catching. She attends Ryerson University for Creative Industries, specializing in publishing, curation, and visual culture. She has produced design work for a variety of local businesses including Toronto photographer Building 18 Photography and the retail store TKVO.



Laurence Hamelin

A full-time freelance copywriter / translator and part-time actress, Laurence spent most of her awkward teenage years on television sets. In her early twenties, she gained interest in the wonderful world of communication and joined forces with a few non-profits in the social economy sector. Now, creation takes up most of her days, both as the founder of her lil’ linguistic services company Hameçon and as a student in screenwriting.

Based in Montreal, she loves to ride her road bike in the gorgeous Québec countryside, run along the CN track in the Mile End, cook for an army, get annoyed by her cat Josélito, and take care of her 150,000+ bees, in no specific order —it’s always changing anyways!




Celeste Ali-Akow

Celeste Ali-Akow is a Toronto native and is a recent graduate of the Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration at Ryerson University. She also holds an Honours Bachelor of Social Science in International Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Ottawa. 

She has worked in many community organizations that serve children, youth, and families. In 2011-2013, Celeste served on the Board of Directors of Ten Oaks Project, a charitable organization that engages children and youth of LGBTQ+ communities within the Greater Toronto Area and National Capital Region through its flagship programs, Camp Ten Oaks, Youth Advisory Committee, and Project Acorn. In 2013, she was participant at the Rainbow Health Ontario Public Policy Institute. In 2014, worked at the LGBT Youth Line and ArtReach’s Toronto Special Capacity Building Initiative with the Ontario Trillium Foundation Youth Opportunities Fund. 

Outside of community work, she enjoys cycling, D.I.Y projects, and indulging in foodie culture.